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Youth & Community Assoc.

55 Willington Road


London SW9 9NB

email: info@ritesofpassage.uk.com

tel: 020 7127 6803


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Step with Giants

We have a multi skilled team of Facilitators who have a wealth of extensive experience from a range of settings.

We have been blessed with opportunities to sit at the feet of some of the greatest minds in the African-centred world.

Our Head Quarters in South London has been the home and open house for …

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Graduates say…

“You’ll learn loads of stuff, meet new people. This definitely improves your life”

“Stick with it because it makes you a better person and gives you a greater understanding of the world.”

“It’s a great experience in life. You might not get the opportunity anywhere else for this.”

“At first, you don’t get it but

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Our Rites of Passage programmes consist of four elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air).

Earth is often referred to as Mother Earth for its resourceful and nurturing qualities. Earth is an abundance of nature. It is stable, firm, enduring and strong. The Earth element is a series of personal development workshops that …

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Rites of Passage

Our rites of passage programmes are journeys of self-discovery where young people are guided through challenging processes that prepare them to move from childhood to young adulthood. We deliver four programme elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air). These are awareness-raising workshops, adrenaline-pumping adventures and tests of character that lead to a community graduation.



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