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Graduates say…


“You’ll learn loads of stuff, meet new people. This definitely improves your life”

“Stick with it because it makes you a better person and gives you a greater understanding of the world.”

“It’s a great experience in life. You might not get the opportunity anywhere else for this.”

“At first, you don’t get it but it feels right. Then you get strong.”

“A journey of a lifetime.”

“It’s unique. It helps you learn about your heritage and guides you in the right direction.”

“You have to have stamina for this. You’ll be challenged in a good way. It’s enjoyable and hard but our ancestors went through worse so you can achieve it. Greatness is in your blood.”

“I now have numbers in my phone of Brothers I can call for help at anytime if I need them?”

“At the end you won’t realise everything that you’ve learnt but the lessons come when you most need them.”]


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