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Our Rites of Passage programmes consist of four elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air).

Earth is often referred to as Mother Earth for its resourceful and nurturing qualities. Earth is an abundance of nature. It is stable, firm, enduring and strong. The Earth element is a series of personal development workshops that takes place throughout the year.

Fire is a transformative energy that can heal and harm. Fire can keep us warm or it can burn. Fire is the Will we use to make something happen. We use Fire for taking action and to bring about change. Fire energy must be regulated and so requires training.

Water is used for healing, cleansing and purification and is associated with emotions and challenge. Water can take-on any space or shape; it nourishes the earth and is essential for life.

Air is the breath of life. Correct use of breath can calm emotions to the point of clear focus. Air is expansive – a perfect element to represent creative communication and transformation.



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