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Why ‘Rites of Passage’?

New Initiatives adopted the term ‘Traditional African Rites of Passage’ as the most culturally relevant phase to best describe our intentions and the essence of our work. We consider the young people that we work with to be in ‘transition to adulthood’. Rites of Passage is consistent with African traditions and cultures and we want to restore and reclaim our cultural practices.

Is it just for young people?

To journey with New Initiatives is to recognise that we are all on our way to our next stage in the life cycle. In saying that, our main focus is young people but we work closely with parents, families and community groups etc to enable young people to successfully move from childhood to adulthood.

What’s expected of parents?

We need to work with parents and parents need to work with us.

Young people flourish when their Parent/s or Guardian/s are involved. Parents are invited to Parents Evenings, Parent Workshops, Village Events and are encouraged to meet as parents and join AYA.

We take the view that there are limits to working with young people in isolation of their families and we know that the impact of our work is maximised when families and community groups are working together for the benefit of the young people.

Parent/s and or Guardian/s are central to our approach but where this is not possible we aim to work closely with a responsible adult in the life of the young person so that issues can be shared and successes celebrated.

What else does New Initiatives do?

Over the years New Initiatives has become a focal point for community gatherings, historical enquiry, values clarification, cultural enrichment and the promotion of an African-centred worldview. We are proud of this and want to see progressive and forward thinking organisations in the community.

New Initiatives works with organisations wishing to see progressing and innovative work with young people and the community.

Do you tackle the negative messages that young people receive?

Yes. We are totally committed to countering the negative messages that young people receive; improving their awareness and resilience and of course their ability to make their own informed and wise decisions for themselves. Hear what one of our Graduates had to say… ORIGIN testimony

What is New Initiatives trying to achieve?

Ultimately, we want a society that is constantly enriched by young people who are proud and confident of their heritage and this propels them forward into productive adulthood.

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