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AKUAH increases self-motivation and self-worth to empower young women of African heritage to face, confront and resist many of the negative challenges of today’s teenage world.

Based on Traditional African Rites of Passage, AKUAH provides a positive context for female development to assist young women in attaining the knowledge, skills and acceptance of the responsibilities, privileges and duties of an adult member of society thereby promoting positive, and effective life choices.

The programme components include:

Workshops are the basis for skill enhancement whether in literacy, handcrafts or groundings in the Purpose of Life, Personal health, relationships or Teen Sexuality.

Challenges are devised for individual development and improvement of self whether this be for self-expression, the ability to cope with conflict resolution, physical, aesthetic or even culinary needs.

Creative Expression is encouraged with the use of various mediums such as  art and dance.

Harmony of the mind, body and soul is developed for clarity of choice, and the making of  goals toward Career and Life Planning and the encouragement of entrepreneurship

The programme includes an off-site Residential to further enhance the programmes values and goals and culminates in a community ceremony to mark the change for the young women and community.

We are enrolling NOW. If you would like to register a young person then complete this form AKUAH Register Interest Form and return it to info@ritesofpassage.uk.com.


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