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EMERGE programmes are for young people (14-19 years). It introduces targeted personal development and positive activities to promote and develop self-awareness, self-esteem, personal growth, identity formation, educational attainment and community belonging amongst young people.

EMERGE came into being through the commissioned funding round initiated by Lambeth Council’s CYPS commissioners in mid-2008. It is a personal development programme model that has identity development at its core, or as we like to pose the question ‘WHO AM I?’.

The EMERGE programme uses a range of methods that include:

  1. workshops and activities that cover a range of issues and experiences
  2. off-site educational visits
  3. working with young people in group settings, and
  4. one to one advice and support

The work is delivered through drama, discussion, poetry, performance, written work, rap, theatre visits, film workshops, physical sporting activity, one-to-one coaching and support, PowerPoint presentation, film and much more.

Our team has delivered sessions on Health, History, Self-Esteem, Sexual Bullying, Financial & Emotional Health, Science, Mass Media and much more, but delivered with the clear intention to enable young people to explore and develop their Identity.

EMERGE develops negotiation skills, political awareness, analytical skills, character- building, sense of group and place.

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